Valentine’s Gift Voucher Insight

SK Chase, the luxury hotel gift voucher specialist, share personalised relevant data insights with their clients throughout the year, particularly in the lead up to key gifting dates, helping hotels maximise their gift experiences sales.

For the first gifting date of the year, they shared a series of ‘Valentine’s Insights’ documents with their hotel clients, filled with data to inspire Cupid’s approved campaigns, helping woo buyers and enhance sales.

It included:

• Male / Female buyer split, including types of gift purchased and price range
• Best selling days and times, helping hotels schedule their emails and social media posts accordingly

Here’s just a small taster of some Valentine’s Day gift voucher insights from their consolidated data from over 300 luxury hotels, based mainly in the UK.

For more updates and to feel inspired for future 2020 campaigns visit

Valentines Gift Voucher insight

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