Our Services

Dynamic Restaurant Marketing offers bespoke support to ensure your venue
is promoted with clarity, consistency and traceability.

All our activity is quantifiable, utilising reservation platforms to secure a clear ROI.


Digital Audit

This product forms the basis of our work with venues.

Following an in-depth meeting exploring your current market position and ambitions, Dynamic Restaurant Marketing produces a comprehensive snapshot of your venue’s current digital presence. This report identifies areas of focus to achieve business goals and identify underdeveloped opportunities for business growth.

Each Audit is bespoke to the venue and involves a rigorous examination of the restaurant’s existing digital profiles, website and its users’ journey, social media platforms, search engine ranking and current marketing plan.

Ideal for:

  • Time Poor operators who don’t have the time to undertake hours of research
  • Marketing Managers who wish to deploy a fresh pair of eyes to ‘sense check’ current plans
  • Restaurant owners who want to harness new opportunities in the market which may have been missed and are made easily accessible with Dynamic RM’s network of contacts

Clients have used this to:

  • Clean digital profiles after a refurbishment & rebrand
  • Reduce dependency on a given reservation platform to migrate to another system

  • To amplify ticketed events

  • Offer fresh eyes on the current marketing plan

Retained Support Package

This package is bespoke and can vary in timing dependent on need.

Following the delivery of the digital audit, an experienced member of the team is available to be retained for a fixed term to action identified points.

We can work alongside an in-house team, or we can assume the role of Marketing Manager to help clean, elevate and digitally position your venue to secure more bookings.

Ideal for:

  • The immediate action of the improvements and initiatives identified
  • Offering your in-house team strategic support, training and encouragement
  • Acting as a central port of call for all 3rd party approaches and partnerships
  • Consolidating marketing activity to provide cohesive messaging and reporting
  • Securing access to preferential pricing and campaigns by being a Dynamic RM client

Clients have used this to:

  • Provide a consistency of message across digital platforms
  • To ensure all digital campaigns have a clear call to action to track the success
  • Set in place a marketing plan for the year
  • Drive covers online to build a customer database/
    social following
  • Bridge the gaps between the appointment of Marketing Managers
  • Support in-house teams who can focus on other aspects of marketing activity

Additional Services:

Social Media

Social media is an essential component of the venue’s marketing plan and must reflect consistency in messaging with the other digital coverage you covet.

Dynamic Restaurant Marketing can reflect in-house and web campaigns consistently across these platforms with clear calls to action. We have experience with social influencers, blog events, managing sponsored posts and driving sign-ups to channels.

Targeted Projects

Should there be a smaller, identified area of the business you wish to enhance, a member of our team can offer advice, guidance and support in delivery to achieve your business goals.

Clients have used this to:

  • Explore new reservation platforms
  • Consider gift voucher providers
  • Re-evaluate newsletter sends post-GDPR
  • Cleansing website profiles after a refurbishment
  • Consider marketing options for ticketed dining events

From experience, investigating options and collating information takes time. Dynamic Restaurant Marketing can present a wealth of knowledge of current market suppliers and a soundboard from which to make crucial decisions for the development of your business.


Please do get in touch if there are any additional areas of digital marketing you would like help or advice on involving the restaurant industry.

We are always open to discussion.